Cancellation & Payment Policy/ Release of Liability Wavier/ Terms and Conditions

Please Read This Page In It's Entirety
By booking any tour/event/ activity with Southwest Expeditions LLC. (hereafter referred to as Southwest Expeditions) You agree to the following terms and conditions:

Southwest Expeditions Polices are as follows:

Cancellation & Payment Policy

Payment is required in full at the time of booking of any tour/activity. The cutoff time for booking the Hotel pickup and drop off Tours is 24 hours from tour DATE. For other tours and events that Southwest Expeditions offer that require weekend or over night stays at any hotel, camping, spa's or Bed and Breakfast's, the cutoff time for booking tour is 7 days in advance of tour date.

Minimum Number of Clients Per Tour:

For the Hotel pickups and drop off tours, the minimum number of clients per tour is two. Maximum client per tour is 10, unless other arrangements have been made in advance for larger groups.
For other tours/events/ activities that Southwest Expeditions offer, the minimum number of guests would be 6-8 adults per tour, depending on the specific tour. Please read individual tour descriptions for minimum and maximum clients that we can accommodate.


There will be a 15% charge deducted from amount due client for any tour canceled within 48 hours of tour date. In addition, for any Southwest Expeditions tour or event that included a weekend or over night stay at any hotel, camping area, Spa, or Bed and Breakfast, there will be an additional deduction of any fees for cancellation that the other vendors charge and any food per person that was already purchased for tour. There will be no refund for any tour canceled by client within 24 hours of tour date. No shows at time of tour, or late shows after tour van has left hotel or designated pickup area, will be considered as canceled by client under 24 hours and no refunds given.

Cancellation of Tour by Southwest Expeditions;

Southwest Expeditions reserves the right to cancel any tour /event /activity, due to circumstances beyond our control such as extreme weather, cancellation by outside vendors, war, closed area's, etc., or any conditions /situations that we deem as unable to safely provide tour/event/activity to our clients. If Southwest Expeditions cancels tour/event/activity, we will either: provide a full refund to our clients, or schedule another like trip for clients, in a reasonable amount of time, whichever client prefers. We will not be responsible for any other direct or indirect costs that client claims. Please see our affiliate, Travel Guard, for trip insurance to protect yourself for any trip you plan to take for your piece of mind.

Handicap Accessibility:

At this time, Southwest Expeditions cannot accommodate individuals with wheel chairs or that are unable to board and un-board tour van without assistance. Due to the nature of our tours, i.e.; walking, hiking, climbing, paddling in kayaks, etc., the client has to be in possession of all their faculties, so they are not, or become, a danger to themselves or others on tour. We are currently designing some tours with our vendors that will be handicap accessible and will add to our tours when completed.

Waiver and Release of Liability

By booking tour and taking part in activities on the tour, you accept the acknowledgement of potential risks that might result in taking part in any outdoor activity. You are aware that, as in any outdoor activity, there are hazards, risks, and dangers involved with such activitites, both seen and unforseen. Water sports such as float trips, use of kayaks , tubes, etc, pose risks such as falling in cold, swift moving water, capsize, equipment failure, the rigors of the terrain of the Southwest such as rocks, sharp thorny plants, heat , unstable rocks, insect /snake bites, etc.
Hiking in the Southwest desert, climbing, getting into and out of vehicles, acts of nature, sprains and fractures from tripping /falling, failure of motor conveyances are just some of the potential hazards you may encounter. You need to be of sound mind and are aware that by taking part in any tour/event/activity, may result in loss of or damage to property, illness or death. You understand that the success or failure of your trip/tour depends in large measure upon your active participation, requiring your complete physical and mental involvement, both on your own behalf and also that of any minor children who may accompany you.
In consideration for taking part in any tour/activity /event by Southwest Expeditions, you do acknowledge these above mentioned risks and hazards. You futher agree to follow the instructions of your guides and the dictates of ordinary common sense. In futher consideration of partaking of the tour/activity /event, you agree and will indemnify and hold harmless the vendors, land owners, Southwest Expeditions, the Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns we stay at, or pickup and drop-off at, subcontractors, suppliers, the afore mentioned parties agents, officers, share holders, their employees and/or volunteers, from the effects of all such risks and dangers to yourself, your minor children who may accompany you and to your property, whether caused whole or in part by the negligence or other conduct of the owners, agents, officers, employees, and /or volunteers of Southwest Expeditions or the above referenced parties.
You agree, on behalf of yourself, your personal representatives and your heirs, hereby voluntarily release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Southwest Expeditions LLC., and it's owners, agents, officers, employees and /or volunteers from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise, which may arise out of your use or rental of Southwest Expeditions equipment or your participation in Southwest Expeditions tours, activities or events, whether caused by negligence or any other cause whatsoever.

Agreement To Venue

The venue of any dispute that may arise out of this agreement between the parties to Southwest Expeditions LLC. or its agents may be a party to, shall be the County of Dona Ana, New Mexico, and any such actions shall be first heard there.

Signed Waiver and Release of Liability

Southwest Expeditions will require a signed "Waiver and Release Of Liability from each client before the start of any tour/ activity or event. We will have the releases avaliable in the tour bus/van and will collect the signed waivers before we began the tour/activity or event. Failure to sign the Waiver will be cause for not partaking on the tour/activity or event. Thank you for your understanding.