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Cultural and Nature Heritage Tours

The past slumbers and await's for the present to inquire...

Here in New Mexico, we live and work in a portal to the past. Through the land and it's people, both past and present, we can experience a wide range of cultural and nature heritage diversity.

Cultural Heritage

Our New Mexico history spans multiple time periods and each left an indelible mark on this land and it's people.
The paleolithic people of the last ice age of 10,000 years ago settled in this area.
The desert Archaic people of 9,000 to 4,000 years ago, as well as the Jornada Mogollon period of 2,000 to 800 years ago and the various Apache groups in the last 800 years have all shaped this area we now call home.
Add to that rich cultural past, the Spanish entrada or "entrance" into the Southwest in the 1500's, and the Mexican independence movement coming into the area in 1826 through 1848.

Cultural Heritage

New Mexico

The Gadson Purchase was signed right here in Old Mesilla in which the area that is now New Mexico became a territory of the United States. And don't forget the American period throughout the 1800's that witnessed gold miners, cowboys, ranchers, fur trappers and settlers moving into the new land, each one eager to stake their claim and dream of "making it big".

Towns sprung up in the flat lands and nestled into the canyons, and the Butterfield Overland Stage coach trails connected the tame "Back East" with the "Wild West". Cavalry forts dotted the landscape to try to keep the native Indians at bay.

Today, all that remains is the cryptic petroglyphs in lonely canyons, that are etched on the sun baked rocks and boulders.

And what has become of the rowdy, vibrant miner and railroad towns and forts? Tumbleweeds now dance through the dirt streets of the sun bleached ghost towns and jack rabbits chase each other between the faded and worn down stucco walls of the lonely cavalry outposts.
Come with Southwest Expeditions and let's explore our past!

Nature Heritage

Our New Mexico land is as rugged as its people.

From our wind swept mesas and hidden canyons to forested mountains with wild rushing streams, the scenic wonder that is New Mexico, is revealed to the adventurous explorer. The Rio Grande river lazily flows through the arid desert that stretches out from the horizon to the luminous sunset.
The Rio Grande corridor is part of the 2nd. largest "flyway" for North/South bird migration in North America.
Herons, Canada geese, Humming birds, Ospreys, Merlin's, Sandhill cranes and Avocets are but some of the beautiful species that visit New Mexico yearly. Majestic Eagles, Hawks and Falcons make their nests along the rugged cliffs of the Rio Grande Gorge, a birders paradise!

Nature Heritage
New Mexico land

The riparian areas along New Mexico rivers, are shaded by old Cottonwood and Willow trees and offer the perfect rest area for sun baked travelers or weary white-water rafters!

Come explore with Southwest Expeditions when we visit New Mexico's "Sky Islands", a fitting term used to describe a unique feature of southern New Mexico's mountain "Islands" which are surrounded by the vast Chihuahuan desert. These island mountains still hold a remnant of the ancient forests of Pine, Juniper, Cedar and Oak trees on their slopes and hidden in their canyons.
Mountain lion, Elk, Deer, Bobcat and the Grey Wolf are some of the animals that call these "Sky Islands" home.

These are but some of the reasons that New Mexico has earned the nickname "Land of Enchantment"!

Old Butterfield Stage stop

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 Great trout fishing too!


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